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What we're about:

  • Helping you to relax - we want you to relax and find your inner calm!
  • Easy to follow programs - simple, uncomplicated language so you feel confident even if you are new to yoga
  • Yoga classes that you can grow with - starting with gentle, shorter sessions, we also have sessions that are a bit more advanced (though you won't find any contortionist poses here!)
  • The feel of your hometown Yoga Studio and and instructor you can reach out to with questions
  • Come as you are - modifications to fit your life and gentler practices to ease into yoga
  • Calming, Guided Meditations to learn relaxation techniques you can use anywhere
  • Transport yourself to calmness, right from your living room!

Yoga has become a part of my daily life, and I simply couldn't imagine it any other way.

Today, I incorporate into my daily schedule a full hour of yoga or 15-20 minutes of short yoga flows with the guidance of the programs purchased from Amy. This allows me the comfort of practicing yoga at home when the schedule of everyday life doesn't allow me to get to a class. By incorporating yoga in my daily life, it has allowed me to find and inner calm and balance for myself. It is time to focus completely on me. I know that if I stray from my daily routine, my body feels the absence. My plan is to continue practicing yoga daily. The greatest accomplishment aside from taking the chance on yoga is knowing that my husband and I have also inspired our two young boys to exercise and practice yoga."

- Gina (age 40)

"I appreciate Amy’s yoga classes for many reasons, but most especially for her emphasis on modifications. This includes the encouraging, hopeful phrase, “If this position is not for you today, then you might want to try….(alternative pose).” As a person who is still recovering from a broken bone and stress fracture, this is really important to me."

- Kathryn (age 68)

"Amy's yoga classes and videos have helped me ease in to exercising.

THIS is yoga for anyone! The class makes you feel so relaxed (it's the only class where I'm so relaxed, I fell asleep in it!)"

- Jeff (age 59)

"Amy’s yoga classes help my flexibility, balance and mental centering. Her calming voice allows a true connection to breath throughout the practice—setting me up for a calmer, more “in the moment” day ahead."

- Emily (age 64)

"As a personal trainer and big into weight lifting routines myself Amy's yoga teachings have given me the ability to loosen up and get a deep stretch in the middle of a tough workout week. I have increased flexibility in my shoulders, legs, gained better core control, and used her methods to also help relieve muscular tightness and pain."

- Luke (age 27)

"After surgery, Amy helped me regain full range of motion in my shoulders and arms. Through my participation in Amy's sessions and the use of her videos, I noticed my daily strength, flexibility, and balance have improved."

- Judy (age 63)

Donna started coming to my classes at the age of 85 (when she walked into her very first yoga class ever!) and has been coming consistently ever since. Now 91, she has found improvements in her arthritis pain and it has helped her with neck and back pain as well. It also helps her to feel less stiff and tired. Donna says, "It's amazing how much you can actually do no matter how old you get!"

- Donna (age 91)